Year: 2023
Nationality: Spain
Director: Kike Narcea
Script: Kike Narcea
Cast: Mario Mayo, Fabia Castro, Diego Paris, Antonio Mayans, Fernando Gil, Marc Velasco, Lone Fleming, Dani Moreno.
Duration: 92 min



Gabriel is an ex-boxer who lives in a village away from the city with his father and his dog, Pepe. Everyone knows him by the nickname of Tarado, which he earned in his time as a boxer and, although he could still box, he prefers to lead a quiet life away from everything that led him to spend a few years in prison. For this he has made several decisions, he has broken with his past and is willing to lead a normal life, and more so now that he has just received the news that his probation regime has ended. But the old ghosts always return, and the return to his life of an old acquaintance, the pranks from the past of Tino, his father, and the unexpected appearance of his brother Tinín together with his new girlfriend, Estefa, makes it impossible to say goodbye of everything that made him spend time in several prisons in the country. Tarado will have to deal with the situation to try to put things in their place, and what better way to do it than using what he knows best, fighting.