The Fantastic Film Festival of Sant Boi de Llobregat «FANTBOI» has the objective to bring culture through fantastic cinema. The population of Sant Boi, with 82,000 inhabitants, has been without its own cinema for many years, so many of the residents have lost the habit of looking for good cinema within the city itself, mobilizing in cinemas of large shopping centers or specialized halls in Barcelona city.

Our commitment is to make a Festival worthy of a city like Sant Boi, a city with a lot of history and culture.

Fantastic and horror cinema, has a cathartic function, when we watch a movie many times we experience these passions together with the characters, but without fear of suffering its true effects. Violent movies, catastrophic scenarios, terror, action, survival to the limit, … are all stories that cause us a great emotional shock and relieve us on many occasions of our daily lives or prepare us for real life.

For this reason we embark on this great adventure that is to make a first edition of the FANTBOI so special for its audience, which can be repeated for many years and make Sant Boi de Llobregat enter the map within the essential fantasy film festivals of the country.


Hugo Cobo
Festival Director





Hugo Cobo

Director y programador

Director de cine de películas como «Cautivos» y «Apóstata», productor audiovisual, escritor, redactor y cocinero.
Amante del cine sin complejos.




Gastrocinema/ Programador

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Protocol, RRPP i Programadora

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